This guidebook touches on some of the hot spots around Patsy's Lakefront Cottage and recommends some of  Grand Bend and Bayfield's must see tourist attractions.


Pinery Provincial Park

A breathtakingly beautiful park with 10 km of sand beach on the shores of mighty Lake Huron. Extremely rare and fragile Oak Savanna and Coastal Dune Ecosystems with extraordinary biodiversity – over 800 vascular plants, over 300 bird species. Sunsets here are ranked by National Geographic as among the “Top 10 Best in the World”! What more could you ask for?

Windmill Lake Wake & Eco Park

Great instructors, fun for ages 2 and up, and a great experience to be had . With 200 acres of forest, a 40-acre lake and being only minutes from Lake Huron - we are so lucky to have such an amazing spot to offer our various activities! They believe that being sustainable means minimizing your negative impact on the world around you while maximizing your positive impacts - this includes the environment and your community. What more could you ask for?


White Squirrel Golf Club and RESTAURANT 

Great grounds. Great food. Great location. What more could you ask for?

Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro

4.5 stars if you ask me

Try their version of devilled eggs.

15 locals recommend

The Albion Hotel


Try the brisket sandwhich.  Soooo Good.  Great service.  Great patio.  In the heart of town.

Bayfield Berry Farm

Every thing for Every body. Support Local Farmers. I know it's not a berry but their chocolate pie and coconut cream pie are to die for.

Hayters Turkey Farm

Everything you could want turkey. They also have an limited size LCBO and Beer Store.


Maelstrom Winery

Maelstrom Winery took root in 2009, when the Landsborough family planted a test plot of vines to see if they would survive Huron County’s cold climate. To their delight, the vines not only survived – they thrived! So in 2010, they planted 2 more acres of vines, and haven't looked back since. The vineyard now has over 8 acres of grape vines – Vitis vinifera and hybrid varietals. The winery is nestled in the crook of land between the south Maitland River and the Bayfield River.

Dark Horse Estate Winery

In fall of 2014, Dark Horse Estate Winery underwent a complete under tiling on over 20 acres of land to ensure sufficient drainage in preparation of planting our vines in summer of 2015. June and July of 2015, over 22,000 vines were planted in our vineyard, consisting of such varietals as, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Baco Noir, Vidal, and Marquette (Minnesota Hybrid). Dark Horse plans to increase its plantings over the next few years. They are currently working with Dr. Jim Willwerth, a CCOVI scientist at Brock University on his research project involving geotextiles. Dark Horse Estate Winery will be implementing a freeze protection strategy with our viticultural consultant, involving the use of geotextiles on all of our Vitis Vinifera varietals for the winter of 2016/2017. Located just off of Lake Huron, their vineyard can experience a significant amount of wind activity, which can be beneficial to the canopy as it can minimize the use of spray in pest management program. Although it can have adverse affect on our ability to activate the frost protection strategy as it mixes up the inversion layers, preventing the wind machine to effectively bring the warm air down to the vine. This issue prompted them to work diligently with our consultant to develop and make innovations to our frost protection program.

Bad Apple Brewing Company Ltd.

Why do I recommend this place? It's a brewing company. Down the street. From my house! What more could you ask for?



Go for a walk down Main Street and visit shops, restaurants and bars amongst a quaint historic homes in this beautiful town.

Grand Bend

A great beach town with a main strip filled with food options, and stores for all types of tourist shopping. If evening life is your thing, this might be your choice.


Bayfield Farmer's Market

Friday afternoons and holds all the local products to suit every taste bud

Pinery Antique Flea Market

You never know what you will find ...


Dashwood Design & Decor

Find some old and newer treasures


Bayfield Boutique Spa

A wonderful host, fantastic services and delights for all your senses.